Photo by Ross Scarano

From August 12 to 14, Golden Gate Park in San Francisco became a playground for frolicking music and drug lovers. They call it Outside Lands, a music and (obligatory) arts festival with a line-up of over 70 acts. Unlike Pitchfork, Outside Lands falls firmly in the Bonnaroo/Coachella camp of music festivals (Outside Lands and Bonnaroo are both put on by Superfly Presents', for what it's worth), offering the patron an "experience" rather than just an opportunity to watch a bunch of great performances.

Depending on what you're into, this is either a positive or a negative. If you're looking for people spraypainting murals of hammerhead sharks while MGMT plays, you're good. If you'd like to see what a human wind chime looks like, you're grand. If you want to wander through a cluster of woods designated "Food Truck Forest," everything is fine.

The following photos are arranged chronologically by photographer.