According to The Hollywood Reporter, director Robert Rodriguez and Frank Miller have enlisted Oscar-winning writer William Monahan to work on the script to Sin City 2. Monahan is best known for winning a best adapted screenplay Oscar for his work on 2006's The Departed, and his flare for gritty crime stories should fit the bizarre world of Miller's Sin City like a blood splattered glove. 

After years of silence on the subject, Rodriguez has been more vocal recently on the highly-anticipated sequel and it seems like the movie might actually be a reality sooner, rather than later. The ball got rolling at July's Comic-Con when he announced to the crowd that financing for the film had been arranged and that shooting would begin after a script got completed.

As long as Rodriguez relegates Frank Miller to stocking the catering tables with doughnuts and keeps him away from the camera, Sin City 2 could potentially be one of the most anticipated films over the next few years. 

[Via The Hollywood Reporter]

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