This coming week will bring a couple of high-profile new releases across multiple platforms, perhaps ending the infamous Summer-game drought that has reared its head the past couple of weeks. This Summer has been particularly kind to gamers with a steady flow of releases throughout June, July, and the first week of August, but the past 2 weeks have been brutal. That all changes this week.

You will be able to “pick your poison” this week with a variety of titles which will be released both into stores and onto online distribution outlets such as the PlayStation Network and Xbox Live Marketplace. Some of the titles launching this week include:

Deus Ex: Human Revolution for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and PC: Fans of the Deus Ex series have been waiting a long, long time for a sequel to the acclaimed series and it is finally here. The new game, subtitled Human Revolution, actually serves as a prequel to the original game. Set in the year 2027, players will assume the role of private security officer Adam Jensen as he investigates and uncovers a the conspiracy which will lead to the implementation of nantechnological augmentations in humans.

Shin Megami Tensei- Devil Survivor Overclocked for Nintendo 3DS: The hit RPG from the Nintendo DS is coming back with an improved version exclusively for Nintendo’s 3DS system. The update to the original game, which was released back in 2009, will include additional story elements (addition of another “day”), improved visuals, voice acting, and new enemies.

Street Fighter III- Third Strike Online for PlayStation Network and Xbox Live Arcade: What many consider to be the most under-rated chapter of the Street Fighter legacy is making a comeback and in a serious manner. Complete with new animations and features including online matchmaking, tutorials modes, and the ability to record matches and upload them to Youtube, SFIII is back at the forefront of the fighting game genre to stake its claim on the respect it properly deserves.