Since you can’t break the color barrier twice and campaigns always need something fresh and exciting, Obama is expanding his role as the most tech-savvy president/politician/old person.

In a move that probably has Secret Service on high alert, the president has joined Foursquare. It’s disappointing though, because he seems to be gearing most of his Foursquare use toward his current Midwestern economic bus tour. His first check-in was at a town hall meeting at a riverside park in Cannon Falls, MN. 

Yawn. Look, I’ve been to Cannon Falls, and there’s no place worth checking into on Foursquare there. The most intriguing thing in Cannon Falls, Minnesota is the game where you try to jump the pegs and have one left at the Country Kitchen. That’s it. You’re the president, Obama. You should be checking in to the places only you get to go—that’s the intrigue behind you having a Foursquare account. Be more baller than us! We love that! Checking in on AF1. Looks like I’m still president, fuck y’all mayors… both Foursquare and real mayors!

[via CNN]