Photo of SL

Get Familiar

“In general, anyone who's a regular and shows loyalty to our venues will always receive priority when it comes to entry.”

- Michael Goldberg, Marketing Director, 1Oak (453 W 17th St.)


But Not Too Familiar       

“Never yell for the doorman’s attention. Words like ‘Yo’ or ‘My man’ should never be used. ‘Excuse me,’ when said in the correct tone, is much better.”

- Danny Volk, Director of Operations EMM Group, Owner of Tenjune (26 Little West 12th St.) and SL (409 West 14th St.)


Nix the Namedropping

“I cannot tell you how many times I've been outside and a stranger has come up to me and said ‘Hey, I’m a friend of the owner’s and he told me to ask for you.’ If someone really is a friend of the owners, we most likely already know them personally or have been given the heads up that they're coming.” 

- Danny Volk