Photo of 1Oak

Be Confident

“When we eyeball clients, we immediately notice and appreciate someone who is confident and charismatic. Just don’t approach with a sense of entitlement: It will 100% aggravate the doorman.”

- Michael Goldberg, Marketing Director, 1Oak (453 W 17th St.)


Embrace Your Quirks

“For a dude, my best advice is to keep it loose. Don’t be one of those mamalukes who go to the club looking like they should be sitting behind a desk at Bank of America. Wall Street dudes who seem like they've got a wild side to them, though, like maybe they enjoy having sex with trannies, they might get a thumbs up. So do Rastas, skater dudes, and Japanese DJ-types.”

- Fabrizio Brienza, Doorman, RdV (409 W. 13th St.)