Clubbing is a particular kind of undertaking that has left dudes divided since the dawn of disco. Kicking back at your favorite bar is always a safe bet but sometimes there’s nothing better than heading out with your entourage to a sexy-ass space filled with the finest women in town. But the wrath of a bouncer can be demoralizing, and getting shot down at the door can put a damper on your night pronto. Besides, there's nothing worse than having to listen to your smug, club-hating friends call you a douche for trying to go hard.

To spare you the grief and embarrassment, we consulted the MVPs at several of NYC’s sweetest nightspots for pointers on how to make it past the velvet rope and into their celebrated venues.

Keep clicking as NYC's Bouncers & Nightlife Insiders Explain How to Get Into Any Club in Town...

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