Teen dance movies are all the rage these days, but none of them can compare to the original badass boogie, 1984's Footloose, starring Kevin Bacon as an aggro-dancing city boy who moves to a small religious town where hip-shaking and rock music have been banned by a conservative city council. The idea is getting a bit of an update with director Craig Brewer's (Hustle And Flow, Black Snake Moan) coming remake, set in a world where white Southern kids can love rap as much as they love line dancing.

Country flavor is cool but you know what the kids really love: anything "urban." Just writing the word is kinda scary and thrilling! 1984's Breakin' got at the heart of this sensation with a story about an unsuccessful white jazz dancer (Lucinda Dickey) who meets two decidedly, um, urban break-dancers and creates a crazy hybrid of the forms that makes them all the shiznit. For the remake, we're picturing wild child of the streets Jaden Smith teaching a ballerina, played by the preciously white Elle Fanning, how to add a little concrete jungle boogie to her échappés and changements. Sound a little too much like 2001's Save The Last Dance, starring Julia Stiles as a ballerina in the hood? Seriously, since when do kids know anything older than the last five minutes of their Twitter timeline?