Never heard of Straw Dogs, Sam Peckinpah's 1971 thriller about a mild-mannered American mathematician (Dustin Hoffman) who gets ultraviolent on some English thugs in the countryside after they harass and attack him and rape his wife (Susan George)? Well, surely you're familiar with 1974's vigilante classic Death Wish, in which Charles Bronson plays a New York City architect who becomes a one-man killing machine when street toughs (like the ever-fierce Jeff Goldblum) murder his wife and rape his daughter. Seeing some similarities? It's a safe bet you will—in your local multiplex.

Turn that title into a hashtag and replace Bronson's trademark squint with Taylor Lautner's and you've got a bonafide revenge hit for tweens! Though, now that we think about it, ol' Charlie might have to rise from the grave to kill somebody for such a vile criminal offense. Fingers crossed.