A French website, 01Net, is pumping out some juicy rumors stating that Nintendo is in turmoil regarding the direction of its floundering 3DS handheld.  Apparently, they regret decisions to rush the 3DS, so it launched before the PlayStation Vita, and as a result they are looking to add a second analog control stick.  They are working on a $10 add-on stick for those that already have the device, but rumors also state that a completely new iteration of the 3DS (with the two sticks built in) is being considered for a 2012 launch.  The revision will “radically tone down” the 3D features and could possibly be rebranded completely.  Skeptics of this news should know that 01Net has some street cred as they correctly broke the news regarding the specs of the Wii U and PS Vita before official announcements were made.  What do you think of Nintendo’s scrambling?  

[via Eurogamer]


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