Hurricane Irene approaches, which means locusts are probably next (assuming we survive the weekend). Yesterday we told you about the evacuation plan the City issued; today we have word that the MTA may shut down all public transit if things grow out of hand. Here's the official statement from the MTA:

The MTA is actively preparing for the impact of Hurricane Irene, coordinating with the Governor's Office, Mayor's Office and regional OEMs consistent with our Hurricane Plan. We are making arrangements to bring in extra personnel over the weekend, preparing our facilities and infrastructure by clearing drains, securing work sites against possible high winds, checking and fueling equipment, stocking supplies, and establishing plans to move equipment and supplies away from low-lying areas as needed. Because of the severity of the wind and rain associated with a hurricane, there may be partial or full shut down of our services to ensure the safety of our customers and employees. We are also prepared to implement evacuation plans if the Mayor and Governor decide that is necessary. We urge our customers to check frequently and to consider the impacts of this storm when making travel plans through the weekend.

In the immortal words of Sam Jackson in Jurassic Park: "Hold on to your butts." 

[via Gothamist]