Laura Govan

Here's a bit of fun trivia for you, if the last name didn't already give that away: Laura here is actually fellow castmember Gloria Govan's sister! Laura's actually been in the news sort of recently, as stated earlier, because her ex and babydaddy, NBA player Gilbert Arenas, was trying to get an injunction against the series to prevent it from airing, with the basic argument that Laura shouldn't be allowed to talk about him on the show without his consent. The producers filed a countermotion against his motion and they're still battling it out in court, even though obviously the show is still going to air tonight. What exactly is Arenas trying to hide? Hmm. Guess we'll be finding that out pretty soon.

This isn't the first time controversy has surrounded Laura and Arenas's relationship, though. A few years ago, rumors began floating around that Laura had slept with Shaquille O'Neal when he was still with his now ex-wife Shaunie O'Neal and while she was still with Arenas. She denied it, and nothing's ever really been proven (though it's said that Shaq's marriage ended because of it).

We gotta say, with all the drama that's surrounded Laura before the show's even aired, we can't even imagine the juicy stuff that's probably going to go on with her in the actual series.