Gloria Govan

If you were a viewer of the original Basketball Wives series, Gloria Govan should be a pretty familiar face to you; she appeared in the original series in its first and second seasons. So, even though she's new to L.A. and the West Coast in general, she's a series veteran for this team. She wasn't terribly popular with the ladies of the original series thanks to her "no-bullshit" attitude, but whatever, it makes for good TV.

Also, it's possible that Gloria here was engaged to L.A. Lakers player Matt Barnes, with whom she has two kids, until, uh, last week. Though this obviously isn't in the series considering it happened so recently, according to a few sources Barnes dumped her because he was sick of "reckless talk" or something. Yeah, we don't get it either. If it is true, though, we can't say we're too mad. Get as reckless as you want, girl!