It may not be much, but Marvel has released a new teaser image over at Newsarama regarding the future of Thor, or lack thereof. Apparently the House of Ideas (which is now owned by the House of Mouse) is replacing Thor as the God of Thunder with...Tanarus?

Newsarama points out that Tanarus is the mythological Celtic God of Thunder, but other than that, no information has been released on who he is in the Marvel Universe. The end of Fear Itself #5 saw an exhausted Thor fall to Earth after battling both the Thing and Hulk, so it makes sense that he would be out of action for a while.

Marvel isn't shortsighted enough to kill off one of their most marketable characters before Avengers hits theaters next year, but Tanarus can be a temporary replacement for Thor to quickly drive up sales thanks to curious fans.

We'll find out the real story behind this new God of Thunder when Mighty Thor #8 hits stores in November. 

[Via: Newsarama]

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