Are your ready for some football?  That's right, the woes of the lockout are over and with Madden NFL 12 launching on August 30, so it's starting to feel like the football season has arrived.  Gamers and football fanatics will be lining up  for midnight release parties at their local Best Buy or Gamestop, as they prepare to smack talk and lay on the hurt on the virtual field. To celebrate the release of Madden NFL 12, EA SPORTS made a limited run of 50 Madden EA VIP kits for select influencers and fan giveaways on their EA Insider Deals page.  The kit includes some epic swag: an early copy of Madden NFL 12, a pair of Monster headphones, a custom New Era snap back hat that reads “I AM THE MADDEN CURSE” on the front, and a customized PS3 engraved with "IT'S TIME" that resembles a steel plate with bolts. So if you want to show off your awesome football bling to your jealous friends, make sure to check out the EA Insider Deals facebook page for a chance to win. 

Madden EA VIP Influencer Recipients:

 The Game, 50 Cent, Ocho Cinco, Lil Wayne, Wiz Khalifa, Adrian Peterson, Aaron Rodgers, Common, Desean Jackson, Amare Stoudamire, Dwight Howard, Justin Timberlake, Lamar Odom, Tinie Tempah, Mike Vick, John Wall, Larry Fitzgerald, Maurice Jones Drew, Asher Roth, Terrell Owens