We all have a certain pop culture figure whose name we shudder at the mere mention of. For example, when Sarah Palin speaks, the sound of freshly sharpened nails scraping across a chalkboard immediately enter our cranium. Thankfully, we will never be forced into such great suffering again. Rather have an otherwise enjoyable news broadcast hijakcked by your least favorite personality, you can now bypass them, along with any and all mention of them, thanks to The Enough Already Project.

Matt Richardson, the man behind this ingenious idea, has invented a device which connects to your cable box and uses an Arduino board (whatever the hell that is) and an infared beam to do its dirty work. It then scans closed-captioning, so when one of your personalized unmentionables appear, it enforces a 30 second mute, thus saving your ears and your sanity.

Confused on how this stroke-of-genius contraption works? Check the video, and you will never have to endure another syllablle about Paris Hilton, Justin Bieber or Al Sharpton ever again. 

[via Hollywood Reporter]