Katrina Bowden, who plays Tina Fey's young assistant on NBC's 30 Rock, has finalized a deal to star alongside Boardwalk Empire sexpot Paz De La Huerta, in the lazily, yet kind of awesomely, titled Nurse 3D, for Lionsgate.

Bowden and De La Huerta will play, that's right, nurses who seduce unfaithful men before slaughtering them. The fact that Nurse 3D will, if all goes as planned, hit theaters alone is wild. And, of course, we'll be first in line.

Before she hacks up cheaters, Bowden will co-star in the independent horror-comedy Tucker And Dale Vs. Evil (in limited theaters on September 30), the T&A-filled horror sequel Piranha 3DD (out on November 30), and, lest she get billed as only a scream queen, next year's American Pie installment American Reunion, in which she'll play the love interest to Chris Klein's character, Oz.

[Via Coming Soon]