Curious as to why a big star like James Spader would want to replace the beloved Steve Carell on the fledgling eighth season of The Office? Perhaps because the work isn't that hard.

“It’s really good for me, because Carell had to work there every day,” he said to My San Antonio. Spader will reportedly only appear in 15 episodes as opposed to the full season. The flexibility will allow him to make movies too.

As for agreeing to the first guest appaearance, Spader says it was simple. “The meeting went great and we agreed to reconvene. [...] I read it and it looked like fun... They told me there was no obligation, just to have a good time.”

Spader isn't sure yet what fans should expect from his Sabre CEO, “I don’t know yet. They don’t know yet. It’s a learning process.”

[via My SA]

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