Crimes of passion seem to be getting more ridiculous these days. This Florida man took the whole “if I can’t have you, no one can” concept to the max.

After a heated argument with his girlfriend, 26 year-old David Bustos left her apartment, only to return soon after with a pair of electric hair clippers. Yeah, you guessed it; he started cutting off her hair while she was slumbering.

Apparently, Bustos got so aggressive with the clippers that he “caused a small cut” on his soon to be ex-girlfriend’s scalp. Naturally, she woke up and delivered a vicious kick to Bustos, who hit the ground running. Literally. When the authorities caught up with him at his Florida home, he was promptly charged with domestic battery.

Maybe Bustos was extremely possessive, or maybe he planned on using her hair for some kind of ritual. Maybe he thought she’d look better sporting the All-American buzz cut. Regardless, it sounds like this relationship needed to end. Plus, we don’t know too many girls who can forgive an impromptu haircut. Judging from his “smugshot,” he’s pretty satisfied with himself.

[via Gawker]

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