A hacker broke into the website of the San Francisco Bay Area Transit system on Wednesday and posted the names, home addresses, and phone numbers of all 102 of the organization’s officers. What’s even more ridiculous is that this was the second hack against one of BART’s websites since Sunday.

It’s still unclear who was responsible for the latest hack, but well-known hacking group Anonymous took credit for Sunday’s incident. While they still managed to post hundreds of phone numbers from BART’s internal network, they didn’t go as far as to post home addresses. Do hacker ethics need to be questioned now?

BART is no stranger to controversy. We’re all familiar with the story Oscar Grant, and just last month BART officers were responsible for the shooting death of Charles Hill. Last week, protestors attempted to organize a public demonstration, but BART officials cut off cell phone signals at some subway stations, a decision that was frowned upon by several civil liberty organizations.

Protestors plan to hold demonstrations on Monday at BART’s Civic Center subway station, and BART plans on increasing security to accommodate this. Let’s just hope for an end to the violence, and the hacks.

[via CNN]