When Facebook introduced its facial recognition feature, Germany balked and said the feature which quickly recognize and tag friends in photos violated the country's Internet privacy laws. That's fair—they weren't the only ones as a number of European Union nations felt the same. However, Germany is now taking offense to the company's "Like" button, deeming it illegal. 

An official from the northern German state of Schelswig-Holstein named Thilo Weichert said the Facebook Like button violates the E.U.'s data protection laws as, according to him, the feature has the ability to track a person's movement across the Internet. Although Zuckerberg & Co. says the claims are unfounded, websites based in Schelswig-Holstein have been ordered to remove their Facebook Like buttons by September 30 or face a fines greater than $72,000. Will these two ever get along? 

[Venture Beat via Slash Gear]