Seems like the executives in the gaming industry are facing intense scrutiny over the failure to boost 3D television sales. Sony's 3D TVs, in particular, are under the microscope, and the company's CEO Sir Howard Stringer doesn't seem to have any answers. Fortunately enough for him, that's not stopping other developers from embracing the technology. Rod Fergusson, Gears of War 3 executive producer, while speaking in London, says that the would-be final installment of the third-person shooter will play in 3D.

"It's still fledging technology. It's still a niche feature," Fergusson admitted to Eurogamer. "But it was something we could support, so we felt, why not?" While the Xbox 360 doesn't have quite the 3D support that the PlayStation 3 has, Fergusson is confident that "more robust" support is on the way. Most recently, Batman: Arkham City joined the 3D club; leaving gamers with two awesome experiences to enjoy in both stereoscopic 3D and anaglyphic 3D. Will these triple-A titles reignite the trend? Speak your piece in the comments section below.

Gears of War 3 invades consoles nationwide on September 20. Make sure you have your spectacles ready!

[via Eurogamer]