Director David Fincher's adaption of bestselling Swedish trilogy The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo won't hit theaters until December 21st, but between the adrenaline-inducing trailer and Fincher's legacy (which includes Se7en, Zodiac, and The Social Network), we have a hunch that it will be one of the year's best films.

Sony Pictures' recent release of the bios and mugshot-esque images for 18 of the movies characters, confirms our suspicions. While the trailer only offered us a fleeting glimpse of the cast, the new shots show an unwavering, head-on look of the cast fully in character,  including close-ups of Rooney Mara (as ruthless rebel Lisbeth Salander) and Daniel Craig (as dogged reporter Mikael Blomkvist). 

Many fans have expressed doubts that Mara will ably embody the aggressive attitude of Lisbeth Salander to the degree that Swedish actress Noomi Rapace did, but after seeing this new photo, paired with her topless and pierced image in the movie's poster, we're convinced that Mara has the chops to embrace the unyielding fearlessness that is the heart of Lisbeth's character. 

Haters wanna hate, but it looks like Mara is poised to kill it.

[via Entertainment Weekly]