You know him as Cameron on Modern Family, but soon you'll be able to see star Eric Stonestreet in an entirely new light. The Emmy-winning actor will play Roscoe "Fatty" Arbuckle in a new movie for HBO.

The Day the Laughter Stopped will focus on the infamous silent film star Arbuckle, whose life was torn down virtually overnight when he was accused for raping and accidentally killing a small-time actress in 1921. His films were banned, his star was tarnished, and Arbuckle would only briefly receive some modicum of apology and comeback for his wrongful accusation before dying of a heart attack in 1933. Before the scandal, though, he was Hollywood's biggest star -- even bigger than Charlie Chaplin.

"In addition to the fact that I'm from Kansas and he's from Kansas, I just always found it to be such a fascinating and tragic story," Stonestreet told Vulture. "He went from this jolly person who fell down and entertained people into a sexual deviant. It's a true story people don't know about, with a twist. I kept hoping his story was never made so I could be considered for the chance to play him."

About that: Chris Farley was once rumored to be interested in telling the story of Arbuckle; he died before it could get off the ground.

[via Vulture]