Remember that creepy guy from Lost, Doug Hutchison, and the 16-year-old chick he married, Courtney Stodden? Yeah, we were trying to forget about them too. Turns out, the effort may be more futile than initially thought, though – according to the couple themselves on Australia's The Morning Show, they're in talks for their own reality series.

It was bound to happen, considering all the media coverage these two have been getting, but we can't help but wish that the precious airtime they'd be getting could go to something else...hell, we'd even take another spinoff of The Real Housewives. Anything.

It's going to be a reality show like no other," Stodden drawled, while Hutchison explained that the two are in negotiations with a very "prominent" producer and are considering bringing it a network.

Say it with us, now: Noooooooo...

[Via Huffington Post]