Heaven's army just got a bit bigger by adding Djimon Hounsou as Abdiel, the Angel of Death, to Alex ProyasParadise LostAccording to Variety, the Blood Diamond actor will join Bradley Cooper and Benjamin Walker in the ambitious adaptation of John Milton's epic poem. We previously reported that the film will be very action heavy, full of cutting-edge visual effects, but with winged warriors. 

Paradise Lost chronicles the war in Heaven between arch-angels Satan (Cooper) and Michael (Walker), the former's banishment to Hell, and his subsequent journey through the many levels of the Underworld as he makes his way to the Garden of Eden to corrupt God's favored creations, Adam and Eve. Hounsou is no stranger to the epic fantasy (with decidedly religious themes) genre. He played voodoo master Papa Midnite in Constantine, the warrior Juba in Gladiator, and the Varden leader Ajihad in Eragon. As Abdiel, Hounsou's character is fairly important; in the original poem he denounces Satan and tallies a rather significant body count during the otherworldly battle.

Shooting in Australia, Paradise Lost will spend 72 weeks in post-production, after a planned eight-week shoot. Don't expect to see this on until some point in late 2013.

[via Variety]