Game companies have continually struggled to contain the after-market sales of their in-game items through websites like eBay.  Besides the fact that other people are making cash on their intellectual property, many players get scammed and then look to the game developer for compensation.  Apparently, Blizzard is going to try fighting fire with fire when they release Diablo 3

They dropped a bomb at the Diablo 3 press event when they announced that the game will have an auction house, which not only allows players to sell items each other for gold, but using real cash too!  That’s right, you can actually make money while slaughtering throngs of demonic creatures.  Of course, Blizzard will be taking a nominal cut out of each transaction, but that’s a small price to pay for dumping your extra loot in exchange for tangible legal tender.  Now we have even more to be excited about regarding Diablo III and it will be interesting to see how this feature is received, utilized and abused.  Click the source link for more detailed information about the auction house system. [via MMO Champion]      


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