We're not completely sure who Dan Aykroyd is gonna call — but at least they're gonna call somebody. The "heart" of The Ghostbusters appeared on The Dennis Miller Show on Thursday and confirmed that Ghostbusters 3 will be made with or without Bill Murray. Deadline notes that the movie has been in limbo for years, largely because Murray hasn't read the script or committed to it.

While Aykroyd is still optimistic that it will happen and insists that filming will begin in spring 2012, we're unsure if it'll be as memorable without the film's comic mechanism. "That is our hope," Aykroyd said on Miller's show. "We have an excellent script. What we have to remember is that Ghostbusters is bigger than anyone component, although Billy was absolutely the lead and contributed to it in a massive way, as was the director and Harold Ramis, myself and Sigourney Weaver."

Director Ivan Reitman is already on-board and while there's been no confirmed castings, a few names were offered up for consideration. "I like this guy Matthew Gray Gubler from the Criminal Minds show. Ashton Kutcher could absolutely be one of the "new blood" introduced." We don't know if Dan "Ray Stantz" Aykroyd has the power to actually push for these additions, but at this point we really just want Ghostbusters 3 to happen so people can stop asking about it.

[via Deadline]