A Connecticut resident was charged with voyeurism after installing a camera in a Starbucks bathroom. The camera was discovered by a plumber, Rafael Zeligzon, on July 27. Though he tried to tell the employees at that location, he was ignored. If you've been in a Starbucks, you know that the employees there are usually very busy communicating via headsets and misspelling names on drinks that come in sizes with names that are embarrassing to speak aloud.

Paul Deveau, the dude charged with aiming the camera at the toilet, was a regular known simply as "Paul," a fact remarkable for its ordinariness. Maybe the regular at your favorite chain coffee shop also goes home to masturbate to pics of people pissing at said coffee chain.

More troubling than that, though, is the amount of time it took for Starbucks to act on the curious plumber's information. The time it should have taken is no time. Instead, Starbucks took, apparently, an entire day. Great job, folks. Go slip in a puddle of caramel Ralph Macchiato. Or whatever the fuck that fake-ass drink is called.

[via Gothamist]