One advantage of 7-11’s and other gas stations with soda fountains is that customers can make their own (often brown, excessively sugary) concoctions. 

Now Coca-Cola is finding a way to profit off that too. Their new program, “Coca-Cola Freestyle” is an online and real-world system that allows Facebook fans of Coke to combine hundreds of different Coke brand mixes into endless amounts of permutations of personalized beverages. The Freestyle mixer is also accessible via an app available on Android and iOS. 

After your combination is set, the program directs you to the nearest “Freestyle” machine, where your combination is made for you. As of now, there are more than a thousand machines in some select restaurant chains.

Coke allegedly is planning a 2012 advertising campaign to really push the Freestyle program, at which point the physical machines will certainly be more ubiquitous. 

[via CNet]