There's so many ways to play games these days. From online streaming services like GameFly to the rise of mobile gaming, gamers have other avenues to get their video game fix. CNN has realized this and published a report which gives some surprising numbers regarding how many players actually finish games. The number is quite interesting as author Blake Snow quotes Activision and Raptr employees saying that anywhere from 10%-to-20% actually see the end credits of a video game.

Raptr primarily is an online service that curates the data of gamers online play sessions and achievements. Their internal data states that only 10% of people who played Rockstar's Red Dead Redemption completed the final mission. Now to be fair, Red Dead Redemption is a pretty long game, full of side quests, and plenty of interesting DLCs. We even had a hard time playing it when it first came out... but we finished it!

As time becomes more and more precious, do you often quit or abandon the games you play before completing the final mission? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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