Pretty much the only reason Myspace has been hanging on to relevancy  at all the past few years is because Facebook hasn’t had a very good system for exploring music. 

Well, they technically still don’t, but a new Google Chrome plugin may bring us closer to the final demise of Myspace. The plugin was developed during the Echo Nest Social Music App Challenge (You didn’t hear about it? Pshh, loser.) and is titled Music+, you know, like Google+ (Oh wait, you may not have been invited to that if you didn’t hear about the ENSMAC). 

Using both Echo Nest and Facebook’s API’s, the plugin allows easy navigation of music while surfing the web. Whatever songs you find, you can send to friends on Facebook as either a message or a streaming link on your own wall. 

Also, if you right-click a band name online, you can listen to that artist instantly. Which means, provided you turn secure browsing off, you can navigate artist pages on Facebook and listen to their music, even while you navigate to other pages. Another added feature is a column on the left side of any band page that lists similar acts.

Now you’ll never have to leave Facebook even to find new bands, even if you may not have heard of the coolest ones. Aisufblsaigb. Sorry, my non-prescription glasses fell off my nose onto the keyboard as I was thumbing my nose at you. Thumb the Nose is also the name of my band, coincidentally. You might not get it though.

[via Mashable]