China has already caught some flak for being extremely restrictive with their Internet, particularly with the government’s blockage of Twitter and several subsequent Twitter clones. But now, they’ve taken their internet-editing to even more extreme levels, blocking a list of 100 songs on the web in an attempt to bring “order” to China’s digitally available music. 

Censoring music is not a new trend for the red nation—they reportedly disallowed the Rolling Stones from playing “Brown Sugar” while they toured through Shanghai. But that’s a song that might actually be considered good. The new list targets the following artists, and may actually establish China as the world’s finest purveyor of taste: Backstreet Boys, Lady Gaga, Beyonce, Simple Plan, as well as British band Take That, who China just freely advertised for, because who the f*ck is Take That?

As always, the lesson is: Good work, China! It’s moves like this that will allow us to still laugh at you when you overtake us as the foremost global superpower. It won’t be so bad—the British seem like they’re having so much clever fun.

[via ReadWriteWeb