Beyonce turned the VMAs into the world's most lavish baby shower last night with her exciting announcement that she is presently carrying America's littlest rap god (Ok, fine. Or pop princess). The news instantly spread like wildfire on Twitter, ground zero for VMA chatter, where by the time Bey rubbed her belly on stage after performing "Love On Top," users had set a new world record for tweets per second.

At the height of all the baby talk, Twitter was getting an average of 8,868 tweets with each passing second. That total smashes the previous record of 7,196, which was achieved during the final moments of the U.S. Women's Soccer Team's World Cup match against Japan back in July. And in the world of Twitter, news of Bin Laden's death was comparatively small potatoes with site totals topping out at 5,106 tweets per second.

[Tech Crunch]

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