Internets beware as Atari Interactive is coming for your necks! The old-school corporation has issued a cease and desist order to the owner of, which is dedicated to showing off independent, non-commerical programming, according to blog Atari User. This coincides with earlier reports of Atari targeting parts of the retro Atari community from a financial standpoint. The owner of, Andrew Davie, has used the site to showcase his Atari-related programming projects.

Now, the company wants him to relinquish the domain name for his site, on the grounds that it contains the "Atari" brand name. Hell, as many times as the word has been written in this post, we're waiting for our cease and desist letter to come in the mail! While both sides have announced a resolution, the site is still down as of this writing. Also, several other sites created by Atari enthusiasts have received letters demanding that they shut their sites down, too. We don't think Nolan Bushnell is so ruthless to come up with this plan, so to the guys over at HQ in Sunnydale, California — do you think Nintendo would've done this to their fans?

Think about it.

[via Atari User]

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