Stoner and blogger Ben Gold fired off an email to Apple's new CEO Tim Cook the other night on a whim and guess what? He responded!

Gold's brief, fortune cookie-esque bon mots read: "Don't be Steve Jobs. Be Tim Cook."

And the response?

"Don't worry, it's the only person I know how to be. - Tim."

Nice! As we've previously mentioned, one of the things we'll miss most about Steve Jobs is his penchant for firing off these sorts of email responses to random customers and critics alike. That the leader of one of the world's most powerful and secretive companies decided to open up a direct line to the unwashed masses meant refreshing and, often, hilarious insights for all. So color us pleased to discover that Apple's new chief may well continue the emailing tradition afterall.

Here's Gold's pretty funny confessional about the mind state he was in when he sent the email:

I honestly have no recollection of sending this email. It was actually a really shitty and stupid thing for me to write. I’m totally qualified to be giving advice to the new CEO of one of the largest tech companies in the world, right? I’m a fucking retard.

That said, I think it’s awesome that he responded at all.

Maybe I was high!? I don’t know.

[Business Insider]

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