It’s pretty much only a matter of time until America is overtaken by either China--our country’s number one source of debt--or by Apple--pretty much our only successful company besides Goldman.

Meanwhile, those two entities seem to be getting along just fine, despite the recent reports of fake Apple stores popping up in various cities in China. According to the Financial Times, Apple’s third quarter sales totaled $3.8 billion, beating the previous sales record set by Lenovo in the first quarter ($2.8 billion).

However, Lenovo CEO Yang Yuanqing was quick to dispel that Lenovo was worried, citing Lenovo’s lack of competitive mobile products and their 31.7 percent market share on the personal computer market in China. 

I’m sure Steve Jobs would have released a statement, too but he was probably busy high-diving into piles of Benjamins.

[via Engadget]