Although Tron Legacy ended up making $400 million worldwide on a pretty meager budget, the franchise is still stuck in limbo. Last we heard Disney hired David DiGillo to write the third installment, but weren't ready to give it the greenlight. The word on the e-street is that they're waiting to see how successful the Disney XD show Tron: Uprising is before making any big decisions. We guess they didn't run any of those by the titular star, Bruce Boxleitner, who believes Tron 3 is already a done deal. 

The website had a chance to chat with Tron himself at Disney's D23 Expo and ask him about a follow-up to last year's flick. In the clip above, the science fiction and suspense writer was more than happy to confirm that everyone will be back on the grid in 2013. Honestly, with director Joseph Kosinski unconfirmed to return and only a teaser of sorts featured in Tron: Legacy, we'll believe this will actually happen when we see it in lights.

[via DeskOfBrian]