While the Internet has already been abuzz with speculation about the iPhone 5 since basically the release of the iPhone 4, the latter isn’t willing to grant all the media attention to the former just yet.

Reuters speculated today that the iPhone 4 may be getting a re-release as a smaller, more affordable 8GB version. The report was fueled by two anonymous sources “with knowledge on the matter” (again? when are we ever going to hear from some anonymous sources with no knowledge on the matter?) who also speculated that along with the 8GB iPhone 4, the iPhone 5 would have a more spacious touchscreen, a better antenna and an eight megapixel camera. 

Bold predictions, anonymous sources. When are we going to get people coming out of the woodwork promising a flamethrower attachment, a milk steamer straw and a five-flavor soda fountain?

[via Engadget]