Remember when we were young and so desperate to get a buzz that we'd brainstorm MacGuyver-esque schemes just to get our mitts on a beer or two? We were the masters of undercover imbibing, cleverly disguising our adult beverages as we creatively drank on the low. Now that we're full grown, we may not need to hide our alcoholic endeavors, but it doesn't mean it's not fun to sneak around every once in a while.

Enter booze-filled foods, something gastronomes and lushes alike can agree on. Imagine your favorite, already decadent foods made even more indulgent by the addition of your most lusted after adult beverage, whether it be beer, liquor, or even an entire cocktail.

The result? Two vices in one bite, and one utterly content and completely satisfied you. We know, you want to run out and hunt down some adult-treats right now, but you don't have to. We searched from NYC to Cali to find you new and boozy ways to get your grub on, so get to clicking through Complex's list of the nation's 20 Best Booze-Infused Foods. Just don't blame us when you leave hungry and thirsty.