It's almost as if the people behind Blade: Trinity had a contest during pre-production over who could come up with the worst idea to put into the movie. Well, whoever said to cast Triple H won that contest hands down. In a movie that featured amateurish directing, a terrible script, a disinterested Wesley Snipes, and, bizarrely enough, Parker Posey, somehow Triple H managed to suck above all.

It wasn't just his monosyllabic lines or his ultra-manly grunts—it was the fact that he actually performed wrestling moves in the film! Those body slams look painful on TV, yet, in Blade: Trinity, the sight of Triple H scoop-slamming Ryan Reynolds like it was Shotgun Saturday Night on the USA Network is unintentionally hilarious.

You'd think that, with all of the other genetic enhancements flowing through his body, Triple H would have scored something from his gym rat friends to inject into himself for better acting chops. 

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