In 1993, Hulk Hogan was all but done with wrestling. He had put his life on the line for a decade and a half, made millions, and was ready to retire and become one of Hollywood's hottest actors. Dreams of following in Arnold Schwarzenneger's footsteps danced through Hogan's head as he strategically planned out his first big role. And that role was in...Mr. Nanny

It's a feel-good kids' movie aimed at grammar school students that fall into the bottom 25% of their class. Predictably, the plot is nothing to write home about: Hogan plays an ex-wrestler (clever!) who becomes a bodyguard and eventually a nanny. Even though there are plenty of awful jokes throughout, the image of Hogan dressed in a tutu was, at the time, enough to bring his acting career to a grinding halt. 

Soon enough, Hulk was back in the ring full-time, receiving multiple concussions and welts per night. But those injuries barely scratch the surface of the penance that Hogan needs to pay for unleashing this travesty onto the world.