Nothing good came out of 2000's Ready To Rumble. A low-budget, low-IQ flick with bad performances all around, the movie is noteworthy for one reason: somebody actually out-sucks David Arquette's performance. That actor is former WCW champ Diamond Dallas Page. 

DDP played the flick's villain, who screws Jimmy King (played by an out-of-place Oliver Platt) out of the world title. This enrages Gordie Boggs (Arquette) and his best friend (Scott Caan), forcing the wrestling-obsessed pals to help King get his title back. As the primary antagonist, Page's scenery-chewing made villains from the '60s Batman show look tame in comparison. 

Ready To Rumble actually features dozens of other professional wrestlers, amping its level of suck to Brendan Fraser levels of awfulness.  

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