Contra was brutally hard. Even with the Konami code scribbled onto our wrist and eventually etched into our memories, those extra lives didn’t really amount to anything. We found ourselves dying way too many times before even the second stage. Even with that level of difficulty, we couldn’t help but enjoy ourselves. It was more of a, “it hurts so good” type of fun. Old school gamers know the deal. Hard Corps: Uprising is the hardcore prequel to Contra: Hard Corps, and we don’t exaggerate when we tell you it’s a doozy. Lengthy stages, hair metal music blasting in the background and dozens of soldiers to shoot all equate to a good time. The visual style is a deliberate anime sheen rendition, so you know our eyes were pleased. The difficulty level is nothing to get around, but the amount of fun we had when playing the game came to overshadow it.