9. Knee-to-Knee Contact

Obviously this is a summertime clue (if you're touching bare knees in February you're already there), but it's pretty much fool proof. In the movie theater, she sits close enough to your seat that her knee lays against yours. Maybe in the restaurant she’s moved her bottom all the way to the lip of her seat, and underneath the table, in a place neither of you can see, her bare knee touches yours. If she wants to touch you in public, probably she'll want to touch you later. 

Use the following handy-dandy guide to knee-to-knee contact:

-One brush: She may be up for exploring other clothes-free contact later; she may also just be clumsy. Be alert, but don't get your hopes too high.

-Two brushes: This is a good sign, but she also might be really, really clumsy. Stay tuned.

-Three brushes: It's on. Maybe she's really, really, really clumsy, but yeah, it's on. Just in case she is extra klutzy, think about getting some extra pillows to pad the area around your bed.