During any other week, Thursday nights signify the unofficial start of the weekend, prompting working men and women to crowd into bars and drink to their nine-to-five woes. But don’t be surprised if your tavern of choice is vacant tonight. At about 9:45 p.m. this evening, the world will stop, President Barack Obama’s 50th birthday will become an afterthought, and reality TV junkies of all ages will flock to the nearest television sets, because Season Four of MTV’s ubiquitous Jersey Shore will begin.

Only this time, those eight fun-loving thorns in proud Italians’ sides will venture outside of their sanctuary, Seaside Heights, New Jersey, to shack up in Florence, Italy. And based on the trailer, their trip to “the motherland” promises to be every bit as shameless, ignorant, salacious, and, yes, addictive as previous seasons.

But will Jersey Shore’s fourth season offer any kind of uniqueness? By now, it doesn’t seem like there’s anything Snooki, The Situation, Pauly D, and their cohorts can do that’d truly surprise us. Like your favorite song skipping on a turntable, MTV’s biggest show delivers the exact same goods week in and week out. We’re hoping for some legitimately mind-boggling moments, though, and these 10 Ways Jersey Shore Can Actually Shock Us This Season are at the top of our wish list.

Written by Matt Barone (@mbarone)