Alright, alright, alright. We all know Super Street Fighter IV 3D is awesome. But a system seller? Are you kidding us? How could that be the best title for your latest handheld, Nintendo? We’re not saying that the launch titles were awful or anything. But when you talk about a new Nintendo handheld, don’t you think Mario, Link or Star Fox should have been there on day one? Apparently, you didn’t, which is why those games (besides Link, who already has an albeit old game out) are coming out later. So, in actuality, those games GOT the development time that they needed. This top spot isn’t about THOSE games, Nintendo. No, this slot is reserved for your entire handheld system. Not so much because the hardware sucks (it’s okay), but because your launch makes us think that you rushed, and that resulted in you seilling something that needed better software. Don’t agree with us? Well, what other Nintendo device needed an immediate price drop after just a few months from its release? You’re right: the Virtual Boy. And remind us how that did.