Okay, let’s start this list off with a GOOD game. Don’t get us wrong. We still LOVED BioShock 2. Taking on the role of a Big Daddy and journeying into Rapture for a second time was surprisingly just as creepy and fun as the original. We loved revisiting the weapon/plasmid dual ass-kicking scheme. We loved the storyline, and we loved the added (but frustrating) Big Sisters. Even with all this love, though, the first BioShock was so good that we wished that 2K actually scraped the whole idea of going back to Rapture and leaving the BioShock saga to the sky worlds of BioShock Infinite. Rapture was so unique that going through it a second time felt like a retread. Again, we loved the game. But just think of how amazing a seamless transition would have been from the underwater pseudo-utopia of BioShock to the politically ravaged skies of Colombia in Bioshock Infinite. Can we call it the Pixar (pre-Cars 2) of video game companies? We think so.