Have any interest in castration and/or garbage disposal? If so, do we have one messed-up story for you!

Southern California resident Catherine Kieu Becker must have been really upset at her husband to destroy his "pride" like this. Check the scenario: Becker fed her 51-year-old husband dinner, which made the guy feel sleepy; he then took a nap, only to wake up as his wife had him tied to a bed, ripped his clothes off, cut his penis off with a knife, and then threw it into a working garbage disposal. Let's all cross our legs in collective discomfort, shall we?

Becker then called the police and, once the cops arrived, told them he "deserved it." She could face up to life on an "aggravated mayhem" charge.

Sounds like a scene out of a horror flick, doesn't it? Not one we'd ever want to see, mind you.

[Via Los Angeles Times]

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