Will Ferrell and Adam McKay are set to bring their brand of hijinx back to the big screen in a new buddy comedy entitled Swear To God. Warner Bros. picked up the script written by Due Date scribes Alan Cohen and Alan Freedland and, according to Deadline, it will find Ferrell playing "a narcissistic hedge fund manager who thinks he has seen God." McKay is tagged to direct, but this will be the first one that he didn't write.

The dynamic duo isn't stopping there. They're also prepping the ensemble football comedy Three Mississippi with Mark Wahlberg, Alec Baldwin, and possibly Jeremy Renner. Formerly titled Turkey Bowl, the plot circles around an far-too-heated annual neighborhood football game between Ferrell's rich and successful family team and the poor-squabble team of losers led at first by Baldwin's character and then by his son (played by Wahlberg).

If Renner signs on the dotted line, McKay wants him to play an ex-con and, according to the director, "the idea is to bring in, like, 15 people that we love in and just do a big, funny holiday movie."

While we have to count to three Mississippi to wait for Ferrell's next few comedies, we can still watch him wearing a sombrero while on top of a donkey in the Spanish language movie Casa de Mi Padre (House Of My Father), which will hit select theaters sometime this fall.

[Via Deadline]